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Functional Neurology

Getting down to the root cause.

The two sides of the brain need to operate at the same level. If there is a left or right brain weakness, it could cause Functional Disconnection Syndrome. FDS is when the two sides of the brain are not operating at the same level and can’t communicate with each other. Without proper communication, problems occur that stem from the weak side. Dr. Lauren runs a 200 point consultation and examination to see if your child, or yourself has FDS.  If found, Dr. Lauren will then devise a custom tailored plan to use sensory and motor exercises to stimulate the weak side of the brain in order to increase function and reduce behavioral, social, emotional, and cognitive symptoms.

Left Brain Weakness: Dyslexia, ADHD, learning disabilities,                                                                                                                       poor auditory processing, poor fine motor control,                                                                                                                                      poor self esteem, lack of motivation


                                                                                                Right Brain Weakness: Mood instability, inappropriate social behavior,                                                                                                     poor reading comprehension, lack of focus, misses the big picture,                                                                                                          awkward/clumsy, space invader, asthma/allergies 

At Chiropractic Wellness Center, our treatments for all types of learning disabilities are based in functional neurology and chiropractic. Functional Neurology is unique in that no drugs are used, and our ultimate goal is that prescription drug use will go down or be eliminated entirely. Treatments are tailored specifically to engage weakened neurological pathways in either the right or left hemisphere of the brain, reduce systemic inflammation, and create a more balanced environment for brain development and function. The first step is a consultation where Dr. Lauren will sit with you to determine what is going on with the child. She will want to know what have you tried in the past, and most importantly what do you want for the future? An exam will follow where Dr. Lauren will utilize the 6 senses to test the brain and nervous system, challenge it, and find the weak pathways that need to be addressed.  Using the sensory pathways of sight, eye movements, smell, touch, and unconscious proprioception (balance and coordination) we figure what areas of your brain are weak and need to be strengthened if they can be strengthened.

A tailored program consisting of functional neurological rehabilitation, nutrition, and chiropractic adjustments will be devised based on your goals and desires as a parent and what she thinks is best for your child.

Chiropractic care and Functional Neurology are a great combo to overcome neurological challenges and are often times used together.