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What to Expect

Establishing Your Baseline

Our technology, the CLA Insight Scan, looks deep into your nervous system. The sensors detect heat, which is correlated to inflammation and/or impingement along the spine. This is what we correct with adjustments. By restoring motion to areas of the spine, we optimize the brain-body communication, symptoms resolve, and you feel better.


Phase 1: Intensive Care

During this phase of care, we are looking to interrupt the body's compensating mechanism by changing the body.


Each visit will build on the prior one, slowly and comfortably releasing the soft tissue to mobilize and restore the areas of the spine that are fixated. Symptoms will decrease and you'll begin to feel better again.

Depending on your current and past health history, the intensity of your current symptoms may require 2-4 visits per week in the beginning, as your body will only hold your adjustment for 1-3 days. This is normal. be patient with your body, we will get you there.


Phase 2: Stabilization/Correction

Every body is different and depending on your current and past health history, getting to this phase requires consistency.

In this phase we focus on training the body to hold in new alignment for 7 days verses 1-3 days. Around 12 visits, most bodies have changed significantly. A re-scan will be done in order to have a snapshot of your progress. During the re-scan, your doctor will instruct you on stretches and strengthening exercises to help you manage your soft tissue. by this stage, your body is holding well and adjustments can be pushed out to 10-14 days.

Phase 3: Wellness/Elective

if you've followed the treatment plan, you should be feeling the best you have in years! Typical adjustments hold 2-4 weeks based on lifestyle, external stressors and soft tissue management. Continued wellness care enables the body to reach a pro-active state of health, free of symptoms, enabling the body to deal with physical, emotional, and chemical stress more effectively.